Hep C Community Navigation Model and NASTAD Toolkit:

Improving Care for People Who Use Drugs and Other Impacted Populations

In 2020,  NASTAD in collaboration with Diana Diaz Muñoz and Nirah Johnson from the NYC Health Department’s Viral Hepatitis program, created a Hep C Community Navigation Model Toolkit  to provide tools and templates that can be tailored to unique health care environment in different programs and jurisdictions! The toolkit consists of program protocols, data collection tools, and patient education materials used in the Hep C patient navigation programs developed by the NYC Health Department. Resources shared on the program model toolkit, were used and refined by more than 170 patient and peer navigators at 37 organizations, serving over 15,000 people at high risk for or living with hepatitis.

Please contact hepatitis@nastad.org to request support for program implementation . This project was funded by a 2019 Models of Care Award from the International Network on Hepatitis C in Substance Users (INHSU).

For staff guidance and resources specific to Hep C Community Navigation Programs in New York City, click here.



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