Community Health Worker Committee Meeting Highlights  9-21-2017

NYC Health Department

September 21, 2017

Meeting Highlights

  • While only one non-DOHMH person attended, it was a very constructive working discussion.
  • We reviewed the possible policy avenues and uncovered more of the pros and cons.
  • We also asked Rima about the path forward. There was some desire for urgency and simplicity, so Rima told us that if we get DOHMH consensus, we could potentially move forward as the lead if, for instance, Dr. Barbot expresses interest in the issue. Otherwise, we will need to let an outside organization take the lead.
  • We mentioned that Columbia and Sergio Matos are moving forward with a SPA and that we would like to “latch onto “ that effort, which would be the most logical next step, but then we will need to convince him to adapt it to our needs. Dr. Reich said he would talk to him separately.


What We Learned

  • There is definitely a rising interest in CHWs workforce at least within the DOH, but our voices are not necessarily unanimous or even supportive. Broadly, we have identified PPSDU, PPC, and CHE expressing interest in CHWs in the health care workforce. The important aspect here is to attempt to bring a certain level of cohesiveness among the internal DOH bureaus working for CHWs as a first step.
  • Based on our benchmark state-wide policy analysis, it is imperative to identify a reimbursement mechanism available first as a critical step to realize what sort of CHW model we want to abide by.
  • Overall, the CHW initiative is gaining momentum and we recognize that strategic planning in our approach to various stakeholders within DOH and outside is going to be one of our significant steps in gaining traction.


Next Steps

  • Feedback Session in October
  • Lunch and Learn Policy Meeting
  • Public Health Association of New York City (PHANYC) agreed to host us a “featured speaker” in their Policy Committee Meeting on October 3.

In Attendance

  1. Ann Winters
  2. Anna Gallego
  3. Diana Diaz-Munoz
  4. Doug Reich
  5. Eric Rude
  6. Liz Tang
  7. Lori Tannenbaum
  8. Lucia Chan
  9. Lysa L. Reynolds-Dugan
  10. Nirah Johnson
  11. Rima Oken
  12. Rinzin Wangmo


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