Hep C Program Clinical Capacity Coordinator

The Hepatitis C Program Clinical Capacity Coordinator works within Mount Sinai’s Primary Care Based Hepatitis C program, and the Hepatitis Education and Liver Screening Program” (HEALS) www.mountsinai.org/primarycarehcv

The Clinical Capacity Coordinator’s role is to work in conjunction with program leadership and medical providers to oversee the flow, volume, and referral process of the Hepatitis C Program with the ultimate goal to assist patients in navigating the medical system to complete a medical evaluation and initiate hepatitis C treatment.  The Coordinator will be the initial point of contact for all new patients, ensuring continuity of care and services through the referral process. The Coordinator schedules all initial clinic visits with the patients, and manages and completes all initial referral paperwork and necessary assessments with the patient. The Capacity Coordinator will provide support to the providers through ensuring that clinic volume and staffing are tracked and adequate for each clinical session.  The Capacity Coordinator is responsible for assisting with meeting data entry and reporting requirements for grant funding agencies.

The Capacity Coordinator is supervised by a Program Manager and Program Director. This is an ideal position to gain experience in clinic/hospital management and program management. Individuals within the HCV Program have gone on from positions to pursue advanced training in public health, program management, and medicine.

Position Description

Follow-up to clinic visits, including scheduling all new patient appointments and managing, organizing, and inputting all referral information;

  • Maintain all faxed referrals from partner agencies
  • Schedule initial clinic visits in appropriate hepatitis C clinic
  • Call patients to remind them about appointments
  • Update the patient databases in New York State Department of Health AIRS database
  • Track patient follow-up, run queries
  • Assist with reports to funding organizations or for grant writing
  • Provide feedback to HCV team during weekly meetings

Coordinate clinical volume and flow;

  • Review Cerner Scheduling application system each week prior to clinic
  • Send weekly emails detailing clinic schedule and patient information to relevant providers and care coordinators
  • Monitor schedule for incorrect referrals
  • Contact incorrect referrals to provide correct scheduling information

Conduct required assessments with patients

  • Complete all AIRS intake paperwork for newly referred patients
  • Administer linkage to care assessments with patients during initial visit; ensure proper storage of linkage to care assessments; log assessments in appropriate database systems
  • Administer nutritional assessments with patients; provide assessments for upload in the electronic medical record
  • Assist program staff with the development and implementation of any additional assessments as needed

Assist with research and grant activities as needed

  • Participate in innovative text messaging pilot project to use text messaging to improve clinic attendance, medication adherence, and patient outcomes.
  • Consent subjects to participate in a prospective study enrolling patients who receive care at the program to report on hepatitis C treatment and outcomes.
  • Literature review, recruitment, consenting patients, conducting interviews, providing follow-up to Project Manager, IRB training, etc
  • Participate in clinic Quality Initiative activities
  • Attend weekly case conference and programmatic meetings as necessary


  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • Database management experience
  • Excellent computer skills required
  • Exceptionally organized and able to work independently
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Compassionate and personable
  • 2 year commitment desired
  • Interest in health disparities
  • Interest in clinical/hospital management a plus

Program Description:

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Division of General Internal Medicine, Research: The Division of General Internal Medicine is the largest division in the Department of Medicine and has a cadre of experienced grants managers, project managers, research nurses, recruiter/interviewers, and research assistants. Areas of research focus in the Division include chronic disease epidemiology and management, health services research, outcomes research, quality of care, health disparities, study of health beliefs and behaviors, cancer screening and treatment among minorities, clinical prediction rules, and doctor-patient communication.


Please send cover letter and resume to Korin Parrella, Program Manager, Hepatitis C Clinical & Research Program, Division of General Internal Medicine. Email preferred: korin.parrella@mountsinai.org



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