Hep C Prior Authorization Tips Training (Empire Liver Foundation)

June 16, 2016

Tips from the Empire Liver Foundation on successful Hep C prior authorization.


Hep C Treatment Fact Sheets (Treatment Action Group)

June 2, 2016

Treatment Action Group has just released hepatitis C fact sheets in English and Spanish which are available online or hard copies can be ordered free of charge.


Hep C Providers: Register in NYS DOH Hep C Provider Directory

March 29, 2016

The purpose of Hep C directory is to provide the public and other providers with a listing of hepatitis C care and treatment providers within New York State.


PREP-C | Psychosocial Readiness Evaluation & Prep for Hep C Treatment

November 13, 2015

Providers: check out this free interactive online tool to assess and improve a patient’s readiness to begin Hep C treatment.


HCV Training for FQHC Medical & Behavioral Health Providers (ATTC)

November 1, 2015

HCV Current is a national initiative among the ATTC Regional Centers to increase hepatitis C (HCV) knowledge among medical and behavioral health professionals, especially staff at federally qualified health centers.


NY Hepatitis Data Reports

October 21, 2015

Find New York City and State viral hepatitis surveillance data to help with reports, grant applications, advocacy and more!


Video | Hep C Prevention for Young People Who Inject (Harm Reduction Coalition)

October 1, 2015

This is the first video in the series “Young People Who Inject” developed by Harm Reduction Coalition in partnership with the New York State Department of Health.


Tool | Clear Communication Index Widget (CDC)

August 4, 2015

The CDC’s Clear Communication Index Widget is a research-based tool to help you develop and assess public communication materials for your organization or practice. You can put to the test print or web-based materials you have already drafted and make improvements for optimum use and understanding. The Clear Communication Index is designed to help you communicate clearly … Continue reading Tool | Clear Communication Index Widget (CDC)


Rapid Teen Substance Use Screening Tool for Clinicians (NIDA)

August 3, 2015

A Rapid Teen Substance Use Screening Tool for Clinicians | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) “In the past year, on how many days have you used alcohol?…smoked cigarettes or used other tobacco products?…used marijuana?” The answers to these questions can help a busy health care provider flag a teen’s problematic use of these substances, … Continue reading Rapid Teen Substance Use Screening Tool for Clinicians (NIDA)


NYC Liver Health Mobile App

July 28, 2015

The NYC Liver Health mobile app was developed in 2014 by the NYC Health Department to provide hepatitis B and hepatitis C screening, care and treatment information and health care access tools to patients and providers.


Provider Guidance | Alcohol Screening & Counseling for Hepatitis Patients (NYC Health Dept)

July 21, 2015

Alcohol use significantly increases the risk for developing fibrosis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer in people living with hepatitis. New Health Dept materials provide guidance in screening patients with hepatitis for alcohol use and steps to take to reduce risk.


FAQ: Covering the Cost of Hep C Meds

June 25, 2015

Hep C can now be easily cured, as long as you can get the meds. Find tips for getting Hep C meds covered here!


Provider Reporting | How to Report Diseases, Events & Conditions to the NYC Health Dept

June 6, 2015

Provider Reporting: How to Report Diseases, Events, and Conditions to the New York City Health Department. The Guide provides a Table of all reportable diseases, and events including instructions on how and when they should be reported. The Guide is currently available on-line at Please share with your colleagues and email Molly Kratz ( … Continue reading Provider Reporting | How to Report Diseases, Events & Conditions to the NYC Health Dept


EncephalApp | Smartphone app to identify hepatic encephalopathy in 5 mins

Up to 50% of cirrhosis patients are at risk for — or may already have — covert hepatic encephalopathy, whose symptoms are particularly hard to diagnose using a routine physical examination. In a researcher blog from DDW, Jasmohan S. Bajaj, MBBS, MD, MS, offers insight into his new smartphone application that can quickly identify patients … Continue reading EncephalApp | Smartphone app to identify hepatic encephalopathy in 5 mins


Opioid Analgesic Action Kit (NYC Health Dept)

May 12, 2015

The emerging epidemic of Hep C infection among young people is linked to prior misuse of prescription opioids who later transitioned to heroin injection. Health care providers can play a central role in reversing the epidemic of opioid analgesic misuse and overdose deaths. In New York City, rates of overdose death from opioid analgesics increased … Continue reading Opioid Analgesic Action Kit (NYC Health Dept)


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