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Published in December 2022, the Hepatitis A, B and C in New York City: 2021 Annual Report provides the latest surveillance and programmatic data on viral hepatitis in New York City. Use this data to inform hepatitis intervention planning, advocate or seek grants for funding, and educate providers and patients.

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Newly Reported Cases of Hepatitis B and C are Declining
Despite the decline, more than 300,000 people in NYC are estimated to be living with chronic hepatitis B and/or C. Over a third are still unaware of their infection. The NYC Health Department works to improve the health of people affected by hepatitis B and C through:

NYC Viral Hepatitis Elimination: 2021 Update 
Since the release of the NYC Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plan in 2021, the Health Department and community partners have made progress on several priority strategies. Read more on pages 50-51.

Health Inequities in Viral Hepatitis
Not all New Yorkers have equitable access to viral hepatitis prevention and medical care. Specific groups face challenges accessing care due to structural racism, stigma or discrimination, including people who: are born outside of the US, have low income, share injection drug use equipment, have a history of homelessness or have criminal justice involvement. Read more on page 4.

Expanding Hepatitis Care and Treatment Capacity

  • Training more than 2,500 health care providers to screen and treat hepatitis B and C
  • Expanding hepatitis B and C navigation services to train and employ over 100 peer and patient navigators in contracted programs, reaching 16,000 people at risk for or living with hepatitis B and C since 2014
  • Read about Community Navigation and Capacity Building on pages 39-44

NYC continues to work towards global hepatitis elimination goals. While the number of new cases is declining, premature deaths and treatment rates are below target. Increasing services to screen, treat and prevent hepatitis B and C is necessary to reach elimination goals.

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