Hepatitis A, B and C in New York City: 2018 Annual Report

The Hepatitis A, B and C in New York City: 2018 Annual Report provides valuable resources for program planning, advocacy and more!

Report Highlights

NYC Health Department strategic plan to monitor and reduce new infections and promote viral hepatitis elimination (page 5).

New hepatitis B prevalence estimate: 230,000 people are estimated to have chronic hepatitis B in NYC

Impact of patient navigation programs: 13,609 people at risk for or living with chronic hepatitis B or C were served by NYC hepatitis navigation programs. Participating partners listed (page 27 – 29).

Impact of hepatitis C reflex testing: In two years, the number of hospitals implementing hepatitis C reflex RNA testing doubled and the percentage of patients receiving confirmatory hepatitis C testing increased to 87% (page 32).

Women of childbearing age and perinatal hepatitis C exposure: 695 women of childbearing age and 18 children ages 0 to 36 months were newly reported with hepatitis C in 2018 (page 17).

For questions about the data in the report or to request a printed copy, email hep@health.nyc.gov.


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