Hepatitis A, B and C in New York City: 2017 Annual Report

Did you know that…

  • Reported hepatitis A cases in New York City increased 176% from 2016 to 2017?
  • 7,204 New Yorkers were newly reported with chronic hepatitis B in 2017?
  • Only 30% of New Yorkers screened positive for hepatitis C in recent years have been cured?


Read the New York City Health Department’s Hepatitis A, B and C in New York City: 2017 Annual Report to learn the current number, trends, and demographic information of people infected with hepatitis A, B and C in New York City. Read about how the Health Department is working towards a Hep Free NYC by increasing hepatitis screening, vaccination and linkage to care and treatment throughout the city. This report can inform development of hepatitis prevention, care and treatment programs, as well as provide data for reporting and grant writing.

For questions about the data in the report or to request a printed copy, email hep@health.nyc.gov.


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