Hep Free NYC Webinar E-Meeting Highlights | 03-18-2020

A Joint Hep B Coalition & Hep C Task Force Meeting

March 18, 2020 (3 – 5 PM)
E-meeting via webinar. Attendance: See below
To view the recording of this webinar meeting, click here.

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month!

Get involved, Contact Bethsy Morales, bmorales@hispanicfederation.org.

Hep Free NYC 2019 Accomplishments

Check Hep B Patient Navigation Program Partner 
Paul Lee, Project Coordinator/Grant Specialist, Korean Community Services – plee@kcsny.org

  • View presentation here.

Coalition against Hepatitis in People of African Origin (CHIPO)NYC Committee
Farma Pene, Health Care Access Specialist, NYC Health Department – fpene@health.nyc.gov

  • View presentation here.

Hep Free NYC Communications Committee
Joy Cambe, Program Coordinator, Empire Liver Foundation (ELF) – joycambe@empireliverfoundation.org@LiverEmpire
Farah Riazi, Outreach Coordinator, Mount Sinai REACH Program – farah.riazi@mountsinai.org@Reach4Cure

New Research Committee: Focusing on Hep B or C Research specifically to foster communication and collaboration among researchers in support of elimination efforts.

New South Asian Initiative: Building awareness of Hep B and C in South Asian communities in NYC.

Get Involved – email Sarah Ahmed, sahmed10@health.nyc.gov

Advocacy Updates

Annette Gaudino, State & Local Policy Director, Treatment Action Group – annette.gaudino@treatmentactiongroup.org

City Council Viral Hepatitis Initiative FY21 Budget Proposal

  • The Viral Hepatitis Initiative funds community organizations to provide hepatitis focused patient navigation, provider training and patient education.
  • The community organization Viral Hepatitis Initiative Unified Budget Ask was shared with City Council Health & Finance Committee staff.
  • Public hearings are suspended until further notice; budget discussions will resume in April/May.
  • Community providers, patients and members of impacted communities can submit written testimony on the importance of the City Council Viral Hepatitis Initiative funding to: financetestimony@council.nyc.gov.

Article 6 State Match

  • Article 6 State Match refers to funds NYS allocates to counties including NYC to match and offset a portion of local public health spending. Last year the NYS match was reduced from 36% to 20%, which would have significantly reduced the amount of funding to community organizations in the Viral Hepatitis Initiative. Last year, the Mayor’s Budget and City Council compensated for funding shortfall, however it’s unknown if the shortfall will be covered this year.
  • Action Alert: Call Gov Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins and Speaker Heastie to demand no cuts to Medicaid, restoration of Article 6 matching funds to NYC, and continued funding for HCV elimination, currently $5M; contact numbers and social media kit have been shared on the Hep Free NYC Listserv.

NYS Hep C Elimination Plan

  • After the release of the new USPSTF Hep C Screening Recommendations: NYS is amending the State HCV testing law to include universal screening of pregnant women during each pregnancy and screening for everyone >18 years of age.
  • NYS Elimination Task Force Data & Metrics Advisory Committee is having a call on April 9th to advance work on metrics, an elimination dashboard and a plan for tracking the implementation.
  • NYS Hep C Elimination Plan Website

Viral Hepatitis and COVID-19
Ann Winters, MD, Viral Hepatitis Program Medical Director, NYC Health Department – awinters@health.nyc.gov

In Attendance
  1. Adeeba    Khan        NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    akhan8@health.nyc.gov
  2. Adizatou    Maiga        African Services Committee    adizatoum@africanservices.org
  3. Adrian    Morel        Northwell Health – Health System    rmorel4@northwell.edu
  4. Alecia    Charles    Hepatitis C Program Coordinator    SUNY Downstate Medical Center    alecia.charles@downstate.edu
  5. Alexis    Brenes    Health Care Access Specialist    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    abrenes@health.nyc.gov
  6. Alexis    Fields    Program Manage    Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center    afields@bhmcny.org
  7. Anabelle    Soto    Associate Director of Prevention    The Alliance for Positive Change    anabelle@alliance.nyc
  8. Andrew    Bonfrancesco    Supervisor    Positive Health Project    a.bonfrancesco@housingworks.org
  9. Annette    Gaudino    HCV Project Co-Director    Treatment Action Group    annette.gaudino@treatmentactiongroup.org
  10. Asia    Ataide    Outreach Worker – CART Northwell    Northwell Health – Health System    aataide@northwell.edu
  11. Bethsy    Morales-Reid    Director of Community Health Engagement    Hispanic Federation     bmorales@hispanicfederation.org
  12. Carol    Lemus    Director of Health and Wellness    Lantern Community Services, Inc.    clemus@lanterncommunity.org
  13. Caroline    Davidson    Research Associate    Shatterproof    cdavidson@shatterproof.org
  14. Catherine    Rivera        AbbVie    catherine.rivera@abbvie.com
  15. Chris    Cruz        AbbVie    chris.cruz@abbvie.com
  16. Colleen    Stapleton        Viral Hepatitis Community Partner    colleen.stapleton@mssm.edu
  17. Dailee    Louis        Viral Hepatitis Community Partner    daileelouis@gmail.com
  18. Danait    Yemane    Hepatitis B Project Coordinator    African Services Committee    danaity@africanservices.org
  19. Daniela    Sanclemente    Patient Navigator (VHP)    NYC Health + Hospitals – Elmhurst Hospital Center    sanclemd@nychhc.org
  20. Danielle    Cornwall    Pharmacy Specialist/Hep C Coordinator    Amida Care    dcornwall@amidacareny.org
  21. David    Ford    Business Development Representative    Hospice of New York    dford@hospiceny.com
  22. Diana    Diaz Munoz    Hep C Program Manager    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    ddiazmunoz@health.nyc.gov
  23. Donna    Gilmore    Physician Specialist    NYC Health + Hospitals – Kings County Hospital Center    donna.gilmore@nychhc.org
  24. Emeka    Iloeghu    Consultant Trainer    The Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group, Inc.    arinze777@gmail.com
  25. Farma    Pene    Health Care Access Specialist    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    fpene@health.nyc.gov
  26. Fatima    Omarufilo    Patient Navigator    MONTEFIORE MEDICAL CENTER    alabaran@montefiore.org
  27. Frank    Winter    External Affairs    Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services    frank.winter@cms.hhs.gov
  28. Gail    Brown    Policy Director    COPE    gbrown.cope@gmail.com
  29. Geraldine    Joseph    Hepatitis Coordinator    Mount Sinai & Ryan Network    geraldine.josephpa@mountsinai.org
  30. Gerardo    Marcano    Health Educator    GREENWICH HOUSE    gmarcano@arguscommunity.org
  31. Gil    Cerpa    Patient Navigator    Praxis Housing Initiatives    gacerpa@praxishousing.org
  32. Graham    Murray    President    Lookit Design    gmurray@lookitdesign.com
  33. Halimatou    Konte    Program Manager    African Services Committee    halimatouk@africanservices.org
  34. Henry    Chang        World Hepatitis Alliance    henry.amsterdam@gmail.com
  35. Irfan    Azam        Viral Hepatitis Community Partner    iazam@health.nyc.gov
  36. James    Park    Assistant Professor, Dept of Medicine; Hepatologist    NEW YORK UNIVERSITY    james.park@nyumc.org
  37. James    Spellman    Senior Medical Scientist    Gilead Science    james.spellman@gilead.com
  38. Janet    Escalante    Director    Paramount Specialty Pharmacy    janete@islandcarerx.com
  39. Janice    Lyu    Hep B Associate    Charles B Wang Community Health Center    jlyu@cbwchc.org
  40. Janneth    Garcia        Viral Hepatitis Community Partner    jgarcia711@gmail.com
  41. Jessica    Clark    Community Outreach Liaison    Northwell Health – Health System    jclark13@northwell.edu
  42. Jiehui (Joy)    Zhu    Patient Navigator    Charles B Wang Community Health Center    jizhu@cbwchc.org
  43. Joanna    Li    Administrative Assistant    Chinese American Medical Society    jli@camsociety.org
  44. John    Youhanna    Regional Medical Director    Dynavax Technologies    jyouhanna@dynavax.com
  45. Joy    Cambe    Program Coordinator    Empire Liver Foundation    joycambe@empireliverfoundation.org
  46. Juan    Lugo        NEW YORK CITY HEALTH & HOSPITALS CORP    lugoj1@nychhc.org
  47. Karen    Haslam        Northwell Health – Health System    khaslam@northwell.edu
  48. Karina    Escamilla    Health Affairs Coordinator    Consulate General of Mexico/Ventanilla de Salud    kescamilla@consulmexny.mx
  49. Kyle    Hwang    Patient Navigator (VHP)    APICHA Community Health Center    khwang@apicha.org
  50. Leandra    Ureña    Hepatitis Program Assistant    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    lurea@health.nyc.gov
  51. Lilas    Kodjo    CUNY Communications Intern    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    lkodjo@health.nyc.gov
  52. Lisa    Convery de López    VP Contract Management    Community Health Action of Staten Island (CHASI)    lisa.convery_lopez@chasiny.org
  53. Liz    Tang    Health Care Access Specialist    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    ltang@health.nyc.gov
  54. Luis    Mares    Hep/HIV coordinator    Latino Commission on AIDS    lmares@latinoaids.org
  55. Marc    Schlosser        The Institute for Family Health    mschlossermd@gmail.com
  56. Maria Mercedes    Guzman    Montefiore Hep C Treatment at NYHRE    New York Harm Reduction Educators    mariguzm@montefiore.org
  57. Marie    Bresnahan    Director, Training, Policy and Administration, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    mbresnahan@health.nyc.gov
  58. Mary    Chiang    Patient Navigator    Charles B Wang Community Health Center    mchiang@cbwchc.org
  59. Medesa    Garrett    HCV Program Coordinator    Brightpoint Health    mgarrett@brightpointhealth.org
  60. Melissa    Ip        Viral Hepatitis Community Partner    melissa.ry.ip@gmail.com
  61. Mona Liza    Velazquez    Peer Navigator    Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center    mvelazquez77605@gmail.com
  62. Nadine    Kela-Murphy    Practice Transformation specialist    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    nkelamurphy@health.nyc.gov
  63. Nancy    Agront    Medical Science Liasion    AbbVie    nancy.agront@gmail.com
  64. Nicolette    Fitzgibbon    Patient Navigator    Montefiore Health System    nfitzgibbo@montefiore.org
  65. Nirah    Johnson    Capacity Building Coordinator (VHP)    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    njohnso2@health.nyc.gov
  66. Norman    Archer        HOUSING WORKS INC    n.archer@housingworks.org
  67. Nyashadzashe    Makoni    HONE coordinator    Mount Sinai Health System    nyashadzashe.makoni@mountsinai.org
  68. Okhyun    Ko    Patient Navigator    Korean Community Services    oko@kcsny.org
  69. Oluwatoyin    Erinle    Program Manager    BronxCare Health System    oerinle@bronxleb.org
  70. Paul    Lee    Project Coordinator    Korean Community Services    plee@kcsny.org
  71. Paul    Bolter        Viral Hepatitis Community Partner    pbolter1@gmail.com
  72. Perla    Romero    Patient Navigator (VHP)    Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center    perla@alliance.nyc
  73. Rahel    Yosief    Patient Navigator (VHP)    BOOM!Health    ryosief@boomhealth.org
  74. Rasheed    Young        NYC Health + Hospitals – Harlem Hospital Center    youngr6@nychhc.org
  75. Rebekah    Parsons        Viral Hepatitis Community Partner    parsons9399@gmail.com
  76. Robert    Desrouleaux    Trainer    The Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group, Inc.    rdesrouleaux@hepatitiscmsg.org
  77. Ruth    Montas    Trainer    The Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group, Inc.    rmontas@hepatitiscmsg.org
  78. Samantha    Brandspiegel    Health Educator    Mount Sinai Health System    samantha.brandspiegel@mountsinai.org
  79. Sandee    Myles    (VHP)    COPE    smyles@copehealth.org
  80. Sara    Kim    Program Coordinator    Korean Community Services    skim@kcsny.org
  81. Sarah    Ahmed    Communications and Community Engagement Coordinator    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    sahmed10@health.nyc.gov
  82. Shanaz    Hosein    Program Manager, HITE    Greater New York Hospital Association    shosein@gnyha.org
  83. Sheila    Reynoso    Director HCV Treatment Network (VHP)    MONTEFIORE MEDICAL CENTER    sreynoso@montefiore.org
  84. Stephanie    Serafino        NYC Health + Hospitals – Bellevue Hospital Center    serafins@nychhc.org
  85. Steve    Hemraj    Wellness Program Director    Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center    shemraj@bsfhc.org
  86. Tatiana    Vera    Patient Navigator    MONTEFIORE MEDICAL CENTER    tvera@montefiore.org
  87. Tom    Muneyyirci    Sr. Account Executive    AbbVie    tom.muneyyirci@abbvie.com
  88. Umaima    Khatun        NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    ukhatun@health.nyc.gov
  89. Veronica    Perez    Executive Director    American Liver Foundation    vperez@liverfoundation.org
  90. Victoria    Foster    Manager    NYU School of Medicine – Division of Epidemiology Department of Population Health    victoria.foster@nyulangone.org
  91. Virginia    Lee        Center for Comprehensive Health Practice    vlee@cbwchc.org
  92. Yanting (Kelly)    Huang    Data Manager    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    yhuang5@health.nyc.gov

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