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Hep Free NYC Faith Based Outreach Initiative


Hep Free NYC Faith Based Outreach InitiativeThe mission of the initiative is to connect Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), and those with interest and experience in Faith Based outreach, to raise awareness about hepatitis in faith communities. The committee develops and implements activities, such as holding awareness events or hosting speakers at faith community gatherings.


On June 21, 2016, members of the Hep Free NYC Faith-based Initiative met to launch the initiative and develop activities to raise awareness about Hepatitis in faith communities.

Hep Free NYC worked on training Health Educators to provide Hep B & C education and testing & linkage to care resources to Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) in NYC.

First Steps:

  • Developing short basic Hep C Educational Presentation that Health Educators can deliver at FBOs
  • Identifying & recruiting community members who want to become Hep C Faith Based Outreach Health Educators
  • Developing an Initiative outcomes tracking system, form and process
  • Forming a Hep C Faith Based Initiative Speakers Bureau. These individuals are Hep C experts (Medical providers, or experienced Hep C educators) who can be called upon to speak at FBO events.

Training Health Educators in:

  • Best practices when engaging with FBOs
  • Delivering the basic Hep C Presentation
  • Reaching out to FBO Initiative Coordinators in order to:
    • Set up Hep C Testing at events
    • Establish a linkage to testing & care plan for events
    • Connecting with the Hep C Expert to support the outreach effort or event as needed

Initiative coordinators will provide you with advice, support and help plan your event. If you would like the coordinator to actually participate and support the planning of the event, please give at least 2 -4 weeks advance notice.

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Meeting Notes and Highlights

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To find sites to partner with to provide Hep C Testing or Medical Care

See the NYC Hepatitis B & C Services Online Site Locator. This provides detailed information on hundreds of organizations that provide Vaccination, Testing, Supportive Services and Medical Care.

Check list for cultural sensitivity in working with FBOs

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FBO Hep C Initiative Flyer

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Initiative Tools

Hep B & C educational tools you can order for Free & have delivered directly to you or a FBO

NYC Department of Health - PDF Library

Hepatitis B & C Resources for Patients & Providers – View PDFs

American Liver Foundation

Brochures, handouts, educational materials in multiple languages

NYS Dept of Health - Materials Order Form

Order materials from New York State Department of Health

Publication Order Page

Brochures available in multiple languages for download or order free.

The ABCs of Hepatitis

A PDF Chart – Detailed Overview of Hepatitis A, B, and C

Browse Fact Sheets

View Fact Sheets by HCV Advocate – Variety of Subjects in Multiple Languages

Encouraging Words for Difficult Times

Download PDF from HCV Advocate

HCV Wellness - Meditation Benefits and Suggestions

Download PDF from HCV Advocate

HCV Wellness - Stress Reduction Techniques and Benefits

Download PDF from HCV Advocate

Stress and the Liver - HCSP Fact Sheet

Download PDF from HCV Advocate

FBO Leader Materials

The ABCs of Hepatitis

A PDF Chart – Hepatitis A, B, and C

FBO Hep C Initiative Tracking Form

Download Excel Spreadsheet for your use


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