The Hep C Telehealth Toolkit is a practical guide for the implementation of Hep C telehealth featuring various types of partnerships and setting in which Hep C telehealth can be successfully implemented, as well as best practices and minimum requirements for implementation.

For staff guidance and resources on Hep C, click here.

Read the Hep C Telehealth Toolkit: An Implementation Guide for Clinicians and Healthcare Agencies.


Telehealth is on the rise

Telehealth grew rapidly in 2020 due to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic and, its acceptance, effectiveness and feasibility have been demonstrated across most aspects of medicine and healthcare.

There are 3 Hep C Telehealth Frameworks

  1. Tele-Harm Reduction
  2. Facilitated Telehealth with Onsite Clinician
  3. Facilitated Telehealth without Onsite Clinician

Roles, Responsibilities and Settings 

Successful implementation of Hep C telehealth require flexibility to optimize available resources and does not always follow a designated framework. The roles can be filled by other staff with qualified experience (view page 6 for more details).

Billing Considerations

Telehealth billing are complex and guidance is continually changing in line with the healthcare landscape. Review the frequently asked questions regarding billing or any additional support needed.


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