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Great Awareness Opportunity!
Hi there – I am working on an article for (29 million readers monthly!) that is intended to profile a man between 50 and 60 who has hepatitis C and is willing to tell his story for the purpose of raising awareness. I see that you run a story project and was wondering if you might know someone or be able to circulate my request to people who might be interested and then can contact me directly. I’d also need a photo of the individual (so, no anonymity!) and probably to discuss some personal details, such as how they got hep c, how they found out they had it, and what they do to protect others who might be at risk for contracting it from them, if that’s relevant. My deadline to do the interview is Oct 14. Let me know if you can help! Thanks!

Madeline R Vann, MPH
116 Winter East

Williamsburg VA 23188

cell: 985.285.5185
skype: madeline.moira

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