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Get help finding and enrolling in health insurance, learn more about special extra help programs, seek help dealing with health insurance issues, and view New York State Health Insurance Enrollment Programs with navigators using  our list of resources.

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Special Extra Help Programs
Organizations that Can Help
Resources for Under-insured or Uninsured

Learn more about resources and low-to-no cost health care that is offered to under-or-uninsured New Yorkers.

HepCap: Free Hep C Care for Uninsured

The following programs offer HepCap, which covers the cost of Hep C medical care for eligible patients. Funded by the NYS Department of Health.

  • Mount Sinai Primary Care Hep C Program (Manhattan)
    Contact: Jocelyn Camacho, (212) 824-7729
  • Montefiore Medical Center (Bronx)
    Contact: Sheila Reynoso, 1-844-287-3428
  • Acacia Network (Bronx)
    Contact: Haizel Fernandez, (718) 960-7532
  • Brightpoint Health (Bronx & Brooklyn)
    Contact: Amyir Holland or Medesa Garrett at, (855) 681-8700 ext. 3474 or 3476
  • Washington Heights Corner Project (Manhattan)
    Contact: Billy Garcia, (212) 923-7600 Ext. 118
  • NY Presbyterian Hospital Comprehensive Health Program (Manhattan & Bronx)
    Contact: Anna Andel, (917) 923-9558
  • SUNY Downstate Medical Center (Brooklyn)
    Contact: Tracey Griffith, (718) 270-1715
    This site treats patients co-infected with HIV and Hep C.
  • Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai West (Manhattan)
    Contact: Cherry Jones, (212) 523-2925
    This site treats patients co-infected with HIV and Hep C.
Low Cost Care for Hep B and C
  • HHC Options – Through HHC Options, low and moderate-income NYC Public Hospital (HHC) patients can get affordable healthcare. HHC helps patients apply for public health insurance programs for which they may qualify. If a patient is not eligible for public insurance, we reduce the patient’s fee to an affordable amount, based on family size and income. For example, a child in a family of four whose annual income is between $57,626 and $69,150 can be seen at an HHC hospital or clinic for a fee of $15 per visit.


Clinical Trials

Clinical Some trials are open to people without health insurance.

Assistance with Medication Coverage

Learn more about hepatitis medication coverage resources, seek assistance with resolving medication coverage issues or filing a complaint, and view available resources that offer assistance with the costs of medications and co-payments.

Getting treatment covered by insurance
  • Find health insurance through the NY Marketplace here.
  • See the NYS Medicaid Pharmacy Benefit Information Website. Provides easy access for members and providers looking for information on the drugs and supplies covered by different Medicaid and Family Health Plus health care plans.
  • Specialty Pharmacies help patients and medical providers with ordering  medications, prior authorization, counseling patients about use, and providing treatment adherence support.
  • CoverMyMeds is a free web based service that helps physicians and pharmacists complete Prior Authorization and other insurance coverage determination forms for any drug and almost all drug plans.
Steps to take if treatment is denied by insurance

Community Health Advocates offers resources to assist providers and patients in filing appeals, fair hearings and grievance or complaints.
Give them a call to get started: 800-614-5400.

  1. Appeal: A treatment denial can be appealed. Medical providers and patients can contact the health insurance company using the phone number on the back of the membership card to file an appeal.
  2. Fair Hearing: If the treatment is still not approved after the appeal,  a Fair Hearing can be requested. A Fair Hearing is a chance for you to tell an administrative law judge why you think your health insurance should cover your treatment.
  3. A grievance or complaint should  be filed if a recommended medication is denied. Filing a grievance or complaint is the only way health insurance regulators will know there is a problem with patient care.
  4. Report it to the Health Care Bureau. The NYS Attorney General’s office requests that all patients, their doctors, or their representatives make a call to Health Care Bureau’s toll-free Helpline or fill out a complaint form if they feel they have been wrongly denied coverage for their Hep C treatment medications.

Other helpful resources

Pharma Patient Assistance Programs
Private Patient Assistance Programs


  • Prescription Assistance 360
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance Programs
    Brings together America’s pharmaceutical companies, doctors, other health care providers, patient advocacy organizations and community groups to help qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get free or low-cost medicines through the public or private program that’s right for them.
  • Patient Access Network (PAN)
    Independent non-profit organization that provides assistance to under-insured patients for their out-of-pocket expenses for life-saving medications. Has Hep B & Hep C assistance! You can view and distribute this brochure about PAN services for Hep B & C patients.
  • NeedyMeds
    Non-profit information resource devoted to helping people in need find assistance programs to help them afford their medications and costs related to health care.
  • NYCRx
    Non-profit organization working to increase access to affordable medications for medically underserved communities. Free Discount Prescription Card and list of partnering health centers with drug discount programs for their patients.
  • Chronic Disease Fund
    Non-profit charitable organization that helps people with chronic disease, cancer and other life-altering conditions obtain the life-savings medications they need. Disease states may open and close throughout the year as funds are diminished or become available.
  • RxAssist
    Comprehensive database of patient assistance programs, as well as news and practical tools.
  • Patient Advocate Foundation
    Case Managers can assist patients and providers with  medication assistance program applications. Program is able to cover hepatitis B medication co-pays up to $4,000 per year and $24,000 per year for hepatitis C medications.
  • Harbor Path
    Provides a single site for all patient assistance program applications for both HIV and HCV medications.
  • Healthwell Foundation
    Their newly formed hepatitis C co-pay assistance program can provide up to $15,000 to eligible patients who are insured and have an annual household income of up to 500% of the federal poverty level.(800) 675-8416


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