2014 Annual Report — Hep C (Treatment Action Group)

Treatment Action Group (TAG) is an independent AIDS research and policy think tank fighting for better treatment, a vaccine, and a cure for AIDS. Read TAG’s 2014 Annual Report for program updates and news, including their HIV/Hepatitis Project update and plan:

TAG’s Hepatitis/HIV Project draws from the core values and history of AIDS activism to end hepatitis C. Like HIV, hepatitis C virus (HCV) can be prevented—but unlike HIV, it can be cured.

Hepatitis C drug development has quickly changed; the standard of care is now highly effective, safe oral medicines that cure hepatitis C in a matter of months. But less than one percent of people who need HCV treatment can actually get it because of high prices—some drugs cost over US$1,000 per pill.

TAG is fighting back. With local, national, regional, and global allies, TAG is pushing for universal access to HCV prevention, support, and “test-and-cure” programs. TAG works with pioneering activists to stoke demand for HCV treatment and mobilize communities to fight for it. TAG’s goals are to foster generic competition that will lower HCV drug prices and secure funding from donors and policy makers for programs that will effectively deliver high-quality care and treatment in all settings.

In February, TAG published the handbook Activist Strategies for Increasing Access to HCV Treatment in Low- and Middle Income Countries and will soon release a series of HCV treatment and adherence facts sheets in both English and Spanish.

TAG 2014 Annual Report

Throughout 2015, TAG will continue to coordinate and contribute to global HCV treatment activism by:

  • maintaining the HepCoalition website, a global advocacy resource;
  • managing a global listserv for HCV advocacy and treatment information;
  • sharing information on campaigns for access to HCV treatment via social media;
  • reporting on HCV drug development;
  • speaking at national and international meetings and scientific conferences;
  • participating in World Health Organization–led initiatives to set global targets for HCV elimination, and updating HCV treatment guidelines for resource-limited settings;
  • working with a coalition of New York non-governmental organizations on global drug policy advocacy for the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drug Policy;
  • working with state and national coalitions to increase access to HCV treatment; and
  • coauthoring, editing, and reviewing articles in scientific journals.

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