Seeking Young Adult Prescription Opiod Users (non-injector) for HCV/HIV Study

HIV/HCV Risk Associated with Nonmedical Use of Prescription Opioids

Summary of Proposed Study (to be submitted to NIDA on 5/7/12):
We are proposing a 5-year study of nonmedical prescription opioid (PO) use among young adults (ages 18-29; n=600) in the NYC area, with the objective of better understanding the HIV-and HCV-related risks associated with PO abuse in this population. The specific aims of this study are to characterize the drug-use patterns of young adults who abuse POs and the factors that may predispose some PO-abusing young adults to transition to injection drug use and/or the use of heroin. Additionally, we will document the drug- and sex-related HIV and HCV risk and preventive behaviors, as well as HIV and HCV prevalence rates, among NYC-area young adults who are nonmedical users of POs. The study will use respondent-driven sampling (RDS) to recruit a diverse, representative sample of PO-abusing young adults aged 18-29 (n=600), and will integrate both qualitative (focus groups; key informant interviews; life history interviews; ethnographic observations) and quantitative (structured interviews conducted with an RDS-derived sample; HIV and HCV testing) data-collection methods.

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