Health Care Access & Meds

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  • Finding Health Insurance
    • Get help finding and enrolling for health insurance, learn more about special extra help programs, seek help dealing with health insurance issues, and view New York State Health Insurance Enrollment Programs with navigators using  our list of resources.
  • Resources for Underinsured or Uninsured
    • Learn more about resources and low-to-no cost health care that is offered to under-or-uninsured New Yorkers.
  • Assistance with Medication Coverage
    • Learn more about general medication coverage resources, seek assistance with resolving medication coverage issues or filing a complaint, view available resources that offer assistance with the costs of medications and copayments, and find private patient assistance programs.
  • Health Care Access Q&A
    • Ask us a question or view commonly asked questions regarding case management, medications, Medicaid, Medicare, and providing care or referrals for uninsured patients.