Hep B Videos

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Hepatitis B Educational Videos


Stay Healthy & Hep Free: Video from NYC Department of Health about Hep A, B, & C


Family Promise: Get Tested for Hepatitis B is a CDC & Hep B United awareness campaign launched in June 2013. Know Hepatitis B seeks to increase awareness about this silent epidemic and encourage people who may be chronically infected with hepatitis B to get tested so they can take care of themselves and protect their families.

English PSA

The video is also available in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.
Chinese PSA
Vietnamese PSA
Korean PSA


Be Certain: Get Tested for Hepatitis B campaign, was officially unveiled on June 12th, 2012 at Flushing Town Hall. The campaign consists of a 30 second PSA to encourage Hepatitis B screening in the Chinese and Korean communities in NYC.

Chinese PSA

Korean PSA

Print ads are available in Chinese, Korean, and English. Contact:  http://bfree.med.nyu.edu


Hepatitis B Foundation. 1 in 10 Asian Americans has Hepatitis B. Could you be one of them? Get tested. Get vaccinated. Get treated.


Hepatitis B PSA by Stan Yan


NYC World Hepatitis Day 2012


1 in 10… (produced by SFhepBfree)


HepBMoms: Testimonial


HepBMoms: Kids PSA (Chinese)


“Hepatitis 101 for your and your kids. Here’s health education with humor. Enjoy!”


Hepatitis B Video for Cambodian Community (in Khmer)–From the Lowell Community Health Center

HepB-Khmer Video...









Hepatitis Rap – Callen-Lorde TV