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Check Hep C was made possible for two years with the support of private and New York City Council funding and administered by the Viral Hepatitis Surveillance, Prevention & Control Program at the NYC Department of Health.

Check Hep C supports free Hep C Patient Navigation, including linkage to care and care coordination services, for people with chronic Hep C. Check Hep C helps people chronically infected with Hep C get into medical care to improve their liver health.

During year 2, Check Hep C has enrolled 603 participants. Through the assistance of Patient Navigators, 477 participants completed HCV medical evaluation, 372 were determined to be treatment candidates, and 188 initiated HCV treatment. Of those on treatment, 97 have completed. Twenty-nine percent (n=113) of Check Hep C participants reported intravenous drug use (IDU) in the last year, with 47% reported as being chemically dependent at time of enrollment.  Approximately a quarter of participants (23%) are homeless, and another quarter (25%) are reported as having a serious mental health diagnosis.

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