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Check Hep C: Get Tested, Get Cured!

Check Hep C is a NYC Health Department initiative that aims to increase hepatitis C screening, linkage to care and treatment in NYC, particularly in areas of the city with the greatest health disparities.

Check Hep C was first supported through private funding.  New York City Council supplemented funding of the Check Hep C Program in FY2015.

Check Hep C currently supports free Hep C Patient Navigation, including linkage to care and care coordination services, for people with chronic Hep C. Check Hep C helps people chronically infected with Hep C get into medical care and treatment to improve their liver health.

In the second cycle of funding (April 2014 – June 2015), Check Hep C  enrolled 603 chronically infected participants. Through the assistance of Patient Navigators, 477 participants completed Hep C medical evaluation, 372 were determined to be treatment candidates, and 188 initiated Hep C treatment. As of July 2015, 97 completed treatment.

Twenty-nine percent (n=113) of Check Hep C participants reported intravenous drug use (IDU) in the last year, with 47% reported as being chemically dependent at time of enrollment.  Approximately a quarter of participants (23%) are homeless, and another quarter (25%) are reported as having a serious mental health diagnosis.

Check Hep C has been successful in improving health care access and hepatitis C treatment rates in vulnerable populations.

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